Management structure and procedures

The ENTRACTE project has a complex organizational structure including partners with complementary and interdisciplinary expertise. It requires an efficient management structure, which can handle the complexity and assure a smooth implementation and achievement of its ambitious goals.

The aim of the management structure and procedures is to organize and manage the foreseen resources in such a way that the project is completed within the defined scope, quality, and time and cost constraints. The general purpose of the project management activities are financial, administrative, scientific and knowledge & innovation aspects, i.e. coordination of activities, analysis and design of objectives and events, planning the work according to the objectives, risk management, allocation and controlling of resources, assigning tasks, controlling project executions, tracking and reporting progress, analysing the results based on the facts achieved, forecasting future trends in the project, quality management, conflict resolution, identifying, managing & controlling changes, project closure, coordination of dissemination activities, management of intellectual property.

Management structure

The overall management structure is divided into following levels of management and organized as follows:

Level 1: Decision making

coordinated by the General Assembly (GA)

Level 2: Operational Management

the Project Management Team (PMT) composed of the Project Coordinator (CO) and the Project Management Office (PMO)

Level 3: Implementation

supervised by the Work package leaders (WPL)