ENTRACTE Objectives

The overarching goal of the ENTRACTE research project is to assess, understand and model the EU's current, as well as future, climate policy portfolios taking into account the key interdependencies between policy instruments and thereby identify the optimal mix of policies needed to achieve legislated and aspirational targets of greenhouse gas emission reductions.

More specifically, the ENTRACTE project has four goals:

First, to coherently assess the most important climate policy instruments with the full range of economic research methods.

Second, to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between multiple climate policy instruments.

Third, to provide an analysis that takes into account the barriers to the implementation of climate policy instruments.

Fourth, to identify mixes of climate policy instruments that provide an effective, efficient and feasible overall climate policy.

The figure below summarizes the concept of our project. It shows how we aim to address our goals, assessing coherently the most important climate policy instruments, understanding their interactions, taking barriers to implementation into account, and identifying efficient, effective, and feasible policy portfolios.